Monday, August 2

Wyldehaven Forest On Fire!


Phineas Hightower, Metropolitan Orlandia.
Reports are coming in from several border towns near Wyldehaven, that thousands of forest acres are currently burning uncontrollably in the vast tree-laden region, reputed to serve as home and hiding place for pirates. Witnesses have described the sky above the once-beautiful area as being choked by thick, sickening smoke, with a multitude of airships scattered across the horizon; some crafts fleeing, while others seem to be endeavouring to control the blaze or rescue families trapped by this catastrophe.

Hundreds of refugees have begun to arrive at several of the towns inside Orlandia’s terrestrial territory. The Orlandia Sky Defense Force has deployed men and aircraft to regulate the influx of refugees across borders, as well as to construct camps near border towns in order to provide shelter for the displaced families. OSDF officials have also suspended the investigation of the attack on the OSS Phoenix Tear in light of engaging the current crisis at hand. The Council of Faction Representatives is urging Orlandia’s willing and able citizens to assist in any means available by donating supplies, volunteering at refugee camps or preventing the spread of fire into Orlandian territory. The OSDF also encourages young men and women of appropriate age to enlist and help maintain order during this tragedy.

There is no word yet on the cause of this calamity, although various refugees among the first group to arrive in the border town of Cranston, claimed to have seen green-hued fireballs exploding into the forest canopy above Haggard Hollow, a known pirate enclave. A number of unscrupulous pirate guilds are known to congregate there, and these pirates have been known to deal in, and occasionally use, aether-based weaponry for their nefarious operations. The current focus of Orlandia’s leadership, however, remains fixed on helping those affected by the fire.

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Wednesday, July 28

Pirates Attack Diplomatic Ship


Phineas Hightower, Metropolitan Orlandia
Early this morning, a marauding band of
Pirates attacked a convoy bearing the
senior members of the Orlandia Council
of Faction Representatives en route to Wentington
Cross as it was returning from a diplomatic mission regarding the OSS Vigilant incident.
The terrible assault, which left the sky
burning with clouds of toxic aether, was
witnessed by several passing traders. One
Council ship, the OSS Phoenix Tear, was
lost in the ensuing battle. Among the
unfortunate perished are OES Chief
Engineer Albus Huxley and OSDF Air
Marshall Austin Godwin. Loremaster
Elias Lightlifter of the
Benevolent Order of Stone Mages was
extricated from the wreckage and is
currently in the infirmary. The Skyfather
was not part of the
envoy and has issued his condolences to
the families of the deceased.

The League of Privateers for the Acquisition of Antiquities and Free Trade issued a statement this afternoon, condemning the heinous attack and distinguishing this atrocity as having been perpetrated by brigands acting separately from their faction. Despite derogatory public opinion, The League insists that it represents a contingent of over three thousand freemen, merchants and couriers who wish to distance themselves from such criminals in hopes of maintaining relations with Orlandia. League representatives, had in fact met with the Council recently, engaging in a joint effort to recover the crewmen of the OSS Vigilant, which had crashed due to mechanical failure. Brief discussions had also taken place regarding the allowance of League members to attend and engage in commerce within Orlandia's borders during the annual Stone Blessing Festival. Currently, the Council has yet to decide on granting League members admittance.

An investigation is underway to identify the culprits responsible, and bring them to justice. The incident occurred in Wyldehaven airspace, less than a kilometer away from the Orlandian Terrestrial Border. The League has offered to assist in the investigation, though the Council has yet to respond to the League. The Council office has also declined to offer comments to this publication for the time being.

Friday, July 9

Engineer Attacked By “Creatures”

Phineas Hightower, Metropolitan Orlandia
Master Engineer Foster J. Wainright, Guild Leader of the Brotherhood of Electricity, was attacked last night while inspecting electrical conduits in sub-level two, under the Temple of Flight in the Stone Mage district. He was found in grave condition by fellow guild members and rushed to a nearby infirmary, where he passed away during emergency surgery.

Before he expired, Master Engineer Wainright had managed to impart to his guildmates that he was conducting a routine inspection when he spotted several “creatures” that seemed to be sabotaging or modifying a major conduit. The engineer described them as humanoid, shrouded in black garments, except for grotesque masks made of copper or brass. “Gremlins” was the term Foster used to describe his assailants, before slipping out of consciousness.

Gremlins are believed to have existed centuries ago, but have been more of a legend, if not a passing joke among engineers, mainly the imaginary scapegoat for mechanical failures and accidents that befall Orlandia’s complex public works, or even aircraft. The Brotherhood of Electricity has vowed to search the sub-levels for those responsible for the death of their Guild Leader, and bring the culprits to justice. The OSDF has begun an investigation, and warns that engineers should not engage these creatures, but report any sightings to authorities immediately.

# # #

Stone Mages To Donate Babbage Systems To Academy

Phineas Hightower, Metropolitan Orlandia
The newest iteration of Baggage difference engines, titled the “Mark III”, is now available for retail purchase, and the Benevolent Order of Stone Mages will be replacing and upgrading their current systems. The order will be donating as many as 20 of their obsolete terminals to Hesperus Intermediate Academy in the interest of familiarizing the next generation of our citizenry with the devices which are rapidly becoming integral to daily life. The Orlandia Engineering Society will also be assisting in the integration of this technology by handling installation, as well as instructing professors and administrators on operation and light maintenance.

The academy will receive additional public funding to build a processing house, which is typically a two-story, five-hundred-square-metered structure in which the main processing unit will be installed, and where punchcards will be entered and filed. The project also involves general remodeling to facilities so as to allow the installation of the electrical cables which will grant the terminals access to the main processing unit, not to mention the external aethernet system. While the Mark II system is considered obsolete by current industry professionals, the Metropolitan Orlandia School Board deems the system being donated as more than adequate for key administrative and communicative functions for both students and faculty. The installation project is set to begin in early August.

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Thursday, July 8

Orlandian Visions - Adventurers On Riker Street

A colorful depiction of a crew of adventurers leaving the Carter Building on Riker Street, in the Market District, metropolitan Orlandia. Rendering provided by Heather Scott
Dragonmun Studios

Do you have a piece of art or photograph that captures the spirit of life in Orlandia? Send a missive to and your depiction may be featured in this periodical as part of our "Orlandian Visions" column.

Council Grants Reprieve On Lighter-Than-Air Ban, With Restrictions

Phineas Hightower, Metropolitan Orlandia
After lengthy deliberation and debate, the Council of Faction Representatives has voted unanimously in favor of suspending the Lighter-Than-Air-Ban, while setting forth provisos in hopes of maintaining a safe environment for the upcoming Stone Blessing Festival which is a mere month away.

The reprieve will bear the following provisos:
- The overall number of lighter-than-air devices, defined as passenger or cargo dirigibles, balloons or blimps shall not exceed more than one-hundred, within a two-kilometer radius of the sky-city of Orlandia, at island level, above or below.
- Aircraft suspended by excited aether gas are extremely unstable, and are not to enter the two-kilometer radius of the sky city, at island level, above or below. Aether cargo, regardless of state, is not to be transported within the two-kilometer radius.
- Aircraft suspended by hydrogen are permitted within the two-kilometer radius, so long as they are moored at perimeter docks at island level, and are forbidden from flying above or below the island.
- As adequate data does not yet exist regarding the safety of helium gas, aircraft suspended by helium are not permitted within the two-kilometer radius of the sky city, at island level, above or below.
- Captains using balloons to supplement lift for aircraft with weakened floatstones are instructed to contact the Benevolent Order of Stone Mages via telegraphic draft or aethernet transmission to make the necessary arrangements for stone charging before entering the two-kilometer radius of the sky city, at island level, above or below.

The Skyfather has signed off on the reprieve and its conditions, which will be in effect from August fifth through the eighth, and warns that the OSDF shall be on increased patrol to strictly enforce the law during the festival. The Skyfather had this to say, regarding the decision: “The council spoke at great length over this issue, at times with considerable passion, reflected by the concerns of Orlandia’s citizens as well as those who wish to prevent injury to the impressive commerce enjoyed by both residents and visitors to our great city. People of Orlandia, you may rest easy, as we have put forth restrictions which will remove a dangerous element from our skies. Merchants, we the leadership of Orlandia hear your plea as well, as we have made arrangements with the terrestrial towns of Harrisburg, Glastontown, Fenton, Saardrucken, and Gravda. These locations have agreed to host merchants affected by the restrictions, with many establishments offering discounts and deals to merchants for food, lodging and transport of inventory to metropolitan Orlandia. We will do our best to accommodate you, but please bear in mind that we will do what is necessary to insure the safety of our citizens, and yours as well, while you conduct business within our borders. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated”.

While there may be a few unhappy merchants, vendors and artisans from all corners of the globe have registered for space at the festival, which is shaping up to be a grand spectacle for the sky-city once again.

# # #

Wednesday, July 7

Commission To Review Fatal Edge Incidents

Eileen Hightower, Metropolitan Orlandia

Citizens of our fair sky-city are familiar with the cautionary adage “Mind the Edge” which has become a general colloquialism for well-wishing, but it seems as though several Orlandians have forgotten the grave importance of this handy, but useful phrase in the last few months. According to a report released this week by the Orlandia Commission for Public Safety, there has been a marked increase in Edge-related incidents within the last six months, leading to four deaths and three hospitalizations. All of the incidents occurred in the Eastern portion of the island in locations which have presented no issues in the past.

Commissioner Henry Firwirth is lobbying for a special task force to investigate the nature of these incidents, and propose measures to decrease or even eliminate future occurrences. “We cannot allow such preventable accidents to continue unchecked,” says Firwirth, “we have a responsibility to the people of Orlandia to provide them with a safe environment in which to live, and I will do all I can to ensure that safety”.

Johann Winters of the Orlandia Atmospheric Research Coalition has been researching this issue independently and believes that the incidents may be caused by a shift in the wind patterns around the island. These wind patterns may be causing a predictable flow of air currents similar to the tides in the oceans of the Down-Below. These tides, depending on the time of day, as well as other conditions caused by temperature and altitude may be powerful enough to pull unsuspecting Orlandians over the Edge. Winters is currently seeking funding to verify this hypothesis, and if proven, will be the first research of its type in regards to Orlandia’s unique atmospheric challenges.

The Orlandia Sentinel will publish the Orlandia Commission for Public Safety’s report on the Edge Incidents in a Special Edition next week and any subsequent information provided by the task force should it be formed.

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